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Going to start making beats regularly and having them for sale on the site. Stay tuned for more about my instrumentals on my social media. It's 2019, I'm up to 26 tattoo's AND I got some fresh material I'm working on for Christmas or early 2020. Of course, after that project I will do another 420 project. Might even just produce it as a mixtape, not sure yet!

Sorry about the bland content. I gotta sit down one of these days and add some more stuff. I will be making a cryptocurrency page with references to links and the crypto community!

Basement to Soundcloud Artist
Independent, Self-produced Rapper Spicoli White, unsigned 22 year old with 26 tats. “Livin' by the minute.” I rap in my own studio and love it! Hit me up and let’s make music, or check me out! I’m into cryptocurrency, rap music, heavy metal, skating and technology. Recovering addict almost 2 years clean! 
Started making music in March 2017 and came from Soundcloud and Datpiff exclusively recorded with a guitar-hero microphone to a home studio with real equipment and music distribution all over the internet and the world. Got called Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Breaking bad was the first Netflix series I had watched all of the episodes for. I loved the show and Walter White. I want my name to mean something and have the significance a tattoo does. Lil Spicoli was my first idea, Spicoli Mane was second because I love Gucci Mane's music. Then I came up with Spicoli White. My music I have out now should give everyone an idea of who Spicoli White really is. I try to be unique by rapping about me and what I like. All I wanted to do is make music for fun and maybe even fame. I grew up playing bass, then guitar. Never could get a good band going but I'm really built off of music. Other than music I am great with technology. Started out with an old Dell desktop and an Xbox. I try to be the best person I can and with every passing day I try to improve myself. I may not be a great person but I make it easy to be likable and get along with. Also an ordained Dudeist Priest! Take it easy man!
Here's all of my links!
Free MP3 Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B0Pr0ftJ13y1RURvcURfRjREVVE
I am currently mining Ethereum with my GPU, Monero with my CPU, and on my phone I mine XYO, Pi, Electroneum, Phoneum and KKC. I have my own XYO/Crypto group on Facebook called XYO Central PA Dataists: https://www.facebook.com/groups/331156084458443/

Not sure where to start with a wallet? I would recommend Trust Wallet: https://trustwallet.com/

Wanna mine Bitcoin with your CPU all while browsing the web? No need to make a new account becuase like Chromium, CryptoTab allows you to log into your Google account and not lose anything! The best feature is that you can withdraw faster than most pools. Speaking of pools, if YOU use my invite link we can mine together and earn more! Come mine Bitcoin with me here: https://get.cryptobrowser.site/8918959

Wanna learn how Unstoppable Domains will work with the Web 3.0? Well see this site here? It is stored on IPFS but since browsers are smart you aren't currently on IPFS but using a gateway to access my website. IPFS.io Will have all the answers and turn your computer into a node and pin files too! All you need is: The App, Files on The App, and the IPFS Companion Browser extension that Supports Chrome, FireFox, Brave, Opera and a few others! Sorry Safari Supporters! :(

Mobile Mining - You Interested?
XYO Network and COIN app! COIN is where you connect your IoT device called a SentinelX which verifies that your phone was in the location it was recorded in. This means both devices are in the same location. This is the only way to verify if location wasn't SPOOF'd. The Network app is where all the data is recorded and stored. To learn more either click and explore or look in my Groups! We ARE active in the community!
Discord XYO Central PA Dataists Server: https://discord.gg/yRs5bNv
XYO COIN - Always Be Earnin: https://coin.onelink.me/ePJg/a993139a
Pi(Invite Username is spicoli): https://minepi.com/spicoli